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A fun creative sandbox that leaves no one indifferent.

Garry's Mod, or simply GMod, is a fun physics sandbox where you can unleash your imagination by interacting with any object and character using the Physics Gun. Developed by Facepunch Studios (Rust) and born as a mod for Half-Life 2, GMod breaks with the established, offering a game as crazy and outrageous as it is surprisingly fun. Despite lacking a storyline and set objectives, we are undoubtedly facing one of the standout video games for anyone who wants to have an unforgettable time building and destroying freely whatever appears on the screen. If you're thinking of downloading Garry's Mod, keep reading because this is of interest to you.

Gameplay: A sandbox of infinite possibilities

Garry's Mod is a game unlike anything you're used to. And that's because it lacks any story or objective, simply offering a playground where you can do whatever you want. Armed with your Physics Gun, GMod allows you to explore, create, and destroy objects, as well as experience all kinds of improbable situations, giving free rein to all your ideas. The limit? Your imagination.

Getting started with creating and building in Garry's Mod is really simple. To do this, simply access its Sandbox Mode and open its construction tools. In its menu, you will find a wide range of functions with which to manipulate objects, such as the Physics Gun, the Tools Gun, or an option to delete elements on the screen. Once you have familiarized yourself with each of these tools, simply place any object from the game's library using the Physics Gun and let your imagination run wild, causing all kinds of chaos on the screen.

Whether you're building a car, a house, a helicopter, or a tank made of boxes, Garry's Mod's creative freedom knows no bounds. And for many, this fun title is the closest thing to returning to childhood because, in a matter of seconds, you can create any world and any object you can imagine.

A true paradise for creative minds

GMod, along with The Sims, has one of the most active creative communities on the Internet. Whether through forums, websites dedicated to the game, or from the Steam Workshop itself, fans of this fun title share all their objects and creations for the enjoyment of others. In a matter of seconds, you can download new game maps, models based on your favorite characters, the most bizarre objects, and even new game modes. All of them can be easily and uncomplicatedly added, thus increasing the fun of this extravagant game.

Multiplayer: Limitless fun through the Internet

Garry's Mod has a multitude of multiplayer modes that allow you to make the most of this fun sandbox. These have been created by the game's own community and can be accessed through Steam servers. These are the most popular ones:

  • Sandbox - The main mode of the game where you can create and interact in your virtual world with other players.
  • Prop Hunt - Enjoy a competition between two teams, where some must take on the role of objects in the environment and others must hunt them down and destroy them.
  • Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) - Players will randomly be assigned the roles of innocents, traitors, or detectives. The traitors must kill the innocents while the detectives must identify and eliminate them. The innocents... well... they just have to survive.
  • DarkRP - In this fun mode, each player can assume the role of a resident of an imaginary city. Some can have businesses, others can be police officers, thieves, etc.
  • DeathRun - One of the players will become The Death and will have to set traps of all kinds for the rest of the users to fall into.

Unlimited fun where everything is possible

Garry's Mod is a game unlike anything you have tried before. And it is because this exceptional sandbox offers you an infinite number of hours of fun to explore and create your own virtual world, whether alone or online with your friends. With an exceptional community behind it and hundreds of game modes at your fingertips, GMod is a must-download for every creative gamer.


  • Creative sandbox without limits
  • Wide range of downloadable content generated by users.
  • Hundreds of different game modes
  • Very <b>funny</b>.


  • Graphics somewhat outdated
  • The game does not include instructions or tutorials.

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Garry's Mod for PC

  • Paid

  • In English
  • V 2023.01
  • 4.2


User reviews about Garry's Mod

  • Dylan Oneill

    by Dylan Oneill

    it makes you buy it :(

  • Dylan Oneill

    by Dylan Oneill

    im gonna try it:)

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    by WatermelonFan

    almost all these comments have no likes lmao

  • Rayan

    by Rayan

    why can't I download it?? softonic is so confusing

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    by Jojo

    No, I think it's a virus.

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    by Pyromaniac

    Anyone have the balls to test this?


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